Econtainer L048 4oz Sugarcane Bagasse Sauce Cup Compostable and Eco-friendly Food Packaging [50 pcs.]

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    Disposable Dipping Sauce Cup 4oz

    The 4oz compostable sauce cups are ideal containers for double serving of condiments, sauces, dressing and dips like dressing for your salad or melted chocolate for your churros. Definitely a greener choice compared to plastic cups and sachets. They are moist and grease-resistant for easy, clean, and tidy food preparation.

    Product Details:

      With PET Lid

      • 76 x 55mm
      • ₱275/pack of 50
      • ₱5.50/piece

      Product Features:

      • Sustainably made from Sugarcane Bagasse
      • 100% Compostable within 45 days
      • Internationally accredited & certified food grade products
      • Water and Oil Resistant
      • Oven and Microwave safe up to 250C/450F
      • Freezer safe up to -15C

    Why Choose Us

    Econtainer’s sugarcane bagasse food packaging is water and oil-resistant that it can withstand liquids for long periods of time and the material is thick enough to carry different types of food items.

    These reasons alongside international accreditations and Econtainer products being safe in the oven and freezer should ease your apprehensions and boost your confidence to make the switch to eco-friendly food packaging.

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