Now or Never: Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Businesses to Go Eco-Friendly

Posted on September 04 2023, By: Econtainer Philippines

Now or Never: Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Businesses to Go Eco-Friendly

It’s no secret that our environment is facing a serious crisis, largely due to the ubiquitous plastic problem we’ve perpetuated for years. As we grapple with the big issues like climate change, deforestation, and pollution, we can no longer wait for a miracle or a superhero to come along. It is our chance (and responsibility) to be the heroes ourselves.

The good news? It’s not too late. There’s still time to turn the tide for a greener tomorrow and businesses should be at the forefront of the revolution:

Plastics: the Bad and the Ugly

Let’s address the elephant in the room - plastic. The problem is everywhere and it won’t seem to go away! Around 8 to 10 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, wreaking havoc on our planet.

The repercussions are manifold - not only do marine life and ecosystems suffer, plastic waste also takes decades, even centuries, to degrade. This means the problem multiplies exponentially, leaving a damaging legacy for future generations to come. What’s even more worrying is the pervasive nature of microplastics. In the process of breaking down large plastic items, these tiny particles wind up infiltrating our water sources, soils, and even the air we breathe — posing potential risks to our health and the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Rising Demand for Eco-Friendly Practices

But all hope’s not lost! People like you and me want  to make a difference in our little ways, and the tide is turning in favor of our environmental consciousness and action. Today, more and more individuals are stepping up, becoming proactive than ever before. A Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report found that a whopping 81% of consumers believe companies should actively contribute to saving the environment. It’s clear that sustainability is no longer a niche concern, but a universal expectation.

Nielsen also discovered that 66% of consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable products and services, with a substantial 75% of the Millennial respondents being the most willing. The growing demand to switch to eco-friendly practices allows businesses to not only generate loyalty from the younger generations but also drive positive change in the process.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

With the pressing environmental concerns we are facing, various government agencies are taking notice and taking action too. Seeing the plastic menace, several local governments have begun implementing regulations against the use of single-use plastics such as food containers, cups and straws. Thus, eco-friendly alternatives such as compostable take out boxes, trays, cups and utensils will be the relevant options. It won’t be long before other local governments follow suit and the strict implementation of these laws could potentially have a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainability Yields Benefits

There is an old misconception that going green is just too costly and impractical - for individuals and businesses alike. Today, we know that myth is simply not true. Becoming part of the solution yields a treasure trove of benefits for businesses. The bottom line is, waste is inefficient and costly. So, going eco-friendly means cost-saving opportunities because you create less junk and are smarter about resource use. Slash sky-high utility bills and wastage by determining how to use your materials more efficiently. Not only does it result in lower operational costs, but it’s also good for the environment. A win-win for all!

A Little Goes a Long Way

One good place to start is by reevaluating waste. Buying in bulk saves costs but if this leads to spoilage, it may not be the best way to go all the time. It may take some trial and error as well as research, but maintaining lean but optimal inventories may be the way to go. Switching to energy-efficient appliances and going for paperless transactions can also lead to cost savings. Every little bit counts.

Cultivating Loyalty and Attracting Talent

Eco-friendly choices resonate deeply with concerned individuals - that includes potential loyal customers as well as motivated employees. Prioritizing the environment can foster good will and improve relations with them. An eco-friendly stance can substantially improve a company’s reputation and communicate to stakeholders that the business is committed to responsible practices and contributing to a greater cause.

Innovative Opportunities

Embracing eco-friendly practices also opens the doors to innovative opportunities. From redesigning packaging to exploring alternative materials. Eco-consciousness sparks creativity.  Businesses that actively see sustainable solutions are able to position themselves as trailblazers in their industries.

Partners in Sustainability

Businesses that prioritize sustainability may find it easier to work hand-in-hand with like-minded individuals and organizations who share the same passion and concern for the environment. For example, Econtainer offers a range of compostable food packaging solutions such as take-out boxes and cups made of sugarcane bagasse or birchwood utensils that can address the needs of eco-conscious individuals and  businesses alike. These kinds of offerings make eco-friendliness more accessible for anyone who would like to make the shift.

Looking into the Future

As public awareness about sustainability grows, businesses that fail to adapt may face challenges in the long run. Embracing eco-friendly practices today positions a company for the long term, ensuring relevance and competitiveness in an increasingly conscious consumer market.

In this crucial moment, the fate of our planet rests in our hands. As responsible stewards of nature, going green isn’t just advantageous, it is a critical step for a healthier and more sustainable future for all. The time for change is now. Individuals and businesses that heed the call will not only thrive but also shape a world worth living in.



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